Macka by Note Design Studio

The Macka collection is continuously evolving – just like the stones shaped by water and time that were its inspiration. The new stool takes the round, organic shape of the upholstering from the existing seats and combines it with a slender, minimalist base, available in two heights. And like the chair and stool, the new stool with no backrest or armrests is also soft and comfy, making it suitable for use in any setting.

Nordic design, Italian know-how

Macka is the result of a successful partnership between design from Sweden’s Note Design Studio, which reflects a typically Nordic simplicity, and craftsmanship from Arrmet, who have rediscovered that their know-how originated in the processing of metal.

«Extensions come quite naturally if the design concept is clear, and with Macka this was the case»

Q. From a chair to a stool: what does it mean to design a collection’s extension and why is this ability crucial today?
A. We almost always imagine our designs as collections and not only as a single product. Even early in the design process, it’s important for us to find a concept and shape that are strong enough to be translated into a whole family of products. I usually feel that the extensions come quite naturally if the design concept is clear and with Macka this was luckily the case.
Since our studio is multidisciplinary and we work within both the field of product design and interior architecture, among others, we can bring insights from the interior projects into the furniture processes. And from those insights, we know that it’s really useful to extend our designs into collections, so the functions are more flexible and the products fit better into different environments.

Q. May we say that in the Macka collection craftsmanship and industrialization come together, creating an ideal synergy? How important is craftsmanship in the making of contemporary design?
A. Craftsmanship is very important for the experience of the product and its materiality, but also from an environmental perspective. We always aim to make products that will last for a really long time, and for the product to last over time it requires the owner to care for it. And we believe that high quality in production, materiality and comfort in combination with a strong but timeless expression, creates a valuable product that you will want to keep and love over generations.

Q. The collaboration with Arrmet is renewed, WHAT are our Company’s values that complement your idea of design?
A. We love working with bold companies that encourage new ideas and explorations. During the process of the Macka chair, we worked closely together with Arrmet to solve the challenges in construction, without compromising on the holistic expression or comfort. The design process is very much built on trust and when working with a company like Arrmet, with high ambition, the collaboration works so much better and this will result in beautiful, timeless products.

Technical focus on the collection

The simple, essential Macka stool is composed of a padded, upholstered seat assembled onto a slender painted steel base with tilt-adjustable feet. The rounded shape of the seat echoes the elements making up the Macka chair and stool with armrests and backrest. This versatile, transversal stool matches perfectly with the chair and stool featuring backrest and completes the range, which is especially suited to establishments such as bars and restaurants.


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Macka ST
Macka ST simple