Randa by LucidiPevere

The LucidiPevere twosome has redesigned Randa, one of Arrmet’s bestsellers. New softer and more contemporary proportions render the chairs visually more compact without foregoing comfort. There are new finishes too, the result of a radical overhaul that started with the nautical rope – now made from a softer matte polyester yarn, so it has a feel that is closer to indoor products – and extends to the palette of deeper shades for the steel. Lastly, a new bare version without the nautical rope weaving on which steel comes under the spotlight, creating an elegant, essential chair made comfortable by cushions.

Randa, a combination of history and vision

Randa was introduced in 2008, at a time when the outdoor sector was undergoing considerable change and effectively entering the world of design, and was an immediate, long lasting success. This was due to the innovative idea underpinning the design, in other words, taking the elegance of interior chairs and transferring it to those for use in outdoor spaces and combining it with a contemporary, recognisable design.

«An innovative product, a mix that gave it comfort and at the same time solidity and resistance»

Q. Randa is one of Arrmet’s bestsellers: why was it so successful?
A. Because in 2008 it was an innovative product, which featured for the first time a mixed warp and weft structure of metal rods and rope weaving. Unlike classic woven chairs (on which the warp and weft were both made of the same rope or polyester band), this technique gave the shell a certain three-dimensionality. It was neither a classic chair made of bare metal rod nor a conventional woven rope chair, but a mix, which gave the end product comfort and at the same time solidity and resistance, a way to “design” the shape of rope.

Q. How have outdoor products changed in the last ten years?
A. A great deal. Ten years ago, the outdoor sector for many companies represented a minor market that had nothing in common with indoor products. Manufacturers of outdoor products were often specialised and offered mid- to low-end products. Today everything has changed, both in terms of quantity – many brands have extended their offerings to include an outdoor section – and in terms of quality. Outdoor products have become more sophisticated with regard to both materials and finishes, to the point that they have often become more expensive than a corresponding product for indoor use. Precisely for this reason, today outdoor chairs and tables are also used to furnish the interiors of contemporary spaces, often creating a mix of indoor and outdoor situations.

Q. What are the most important alterations you have made to Randa?
A. There are two significant changes: on the one hand we have reviewed the shape of each piece and adjusted the proportions, giving them a more contemporary and softer look. We have emphasised the three-dimensionality of the shell to highlight the project’s underlying concept and we have managed to make the object visually more compact, though without losing any seating space. On the other hand, we have worked on the rope and chosen a polyester yarn with a more matte appearance and closer in feel to indoor products, whilst maintaining the same technical performance (UV resistant, absence of pilling, technical resistance). We have also worked on the colour, creating a collection of deeper shades because they are constructed on a basis of two colours mixed together. The softness has also been reviewed and increased for greater seating comfort and to make the weaving easier.

Q. Randa’s peculiarity is the nautical rope but the restyling envisages a new bare variant. Why?
A. We realised that the new version of Randa is beautiful even when it is bare and it seemed such a pity not to take advantage of it in this form. Moreover, it will be covering a different market segment, offering great advantages for the company, which today can aspire to a broader spectrum of possible customers. Lastly, it is interesting because it can be completed with cushioning to enhance the product’s comfort, a situation that has also given us the opportunity to introduce a fabric for outdoor use into the extended range of fabrics.

Technical focus on the collection

Randa is an outdoor seating collection comprising a chair with and without arms, a lounge chair and stool in two heights. It is available in two variants: the classic version features a painted steel frame and woven nautical rope seat. On the bare version, which is visually lighter and more essential, steel rod plays the leading role; in this case, Randa is completed with soft, comfortable cushions produced in the new outdoor fabrics. Randa is aesthetically transversal because it is perfect for both outdoor use and in settings where indoor and outdoor spaces are linked and is produced from materials that are resistant to humidity, sea spray and the sun’s rays, making it suitable for all outdoor spaces.

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