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Note Design Studio

Note is a Stockholm-based studio of design founded in 2008 working within the fields of architecture, interiors, products, graphic design and design strategy. This is what they say about themselves: “Creativity is about searching for what is missing, to constantly realign thoughts and expressions to find that moment of insight when everything clicks. At Note we collaborate intensely, with personal passion and our design disciplines – interior, product, graphic, architecture, and strategies – to share our insights with the world.”

“So what is Note about anyway? Like authors convey their ideas through words, designers use material, shape, color, and light to alter the physical world. We believe design is about constantly searching for what is missing. Creativity is a force of positive longing to answer the challenging questions, and the questions are as often provided by other people as ourselves. We aim to align thoughts and expressions to communicate clearly, and we work every day with either finding the suitable thought or the suitable expression – or both.

When we find that alignment, that answer, that insight – that moment of wow when everything clicks – we nurture it so that people in the end will feel that same wow. We work with personal passion and collaborate through the tools of our diverse design disciplines – interior, product, graphic, architecture, and strategies – and we all have one thing in common: a curiosity about the world and a hope to improve it through our work. Instead of adding something boring to it, always adding a wow instead, be it big or small. In this way we reach the people that pay that little extra attention.”