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We believe in the simplicity of successful projects, those in which there is dialogue – between people and environments, materials and technologies, aesthetics and function.

A steel thread runs through the 60 years Arrmet has been in business and weaves together people, seating, environments and designers. It is a highly resistant, flexible thread that set the history of the Company in motion and today combines with new materials, ideas and languages. Arrmet is consolidating its identity and position with respect to the contemporary market, shaping a future of continuous renewal.

The core values of this story are a human dimension, contamination, and real all-Italian production.

Human Dimension

Arrmet designs and manufactures chairs and tables to accompany people in their everyday lives. These elements form the basis around which people relate to each other and with their living spaces.


Every piece was created from an encounter poised between tradition and innovation, at a crossroads between the Italian sense of beauty and modern, minimalist, graphic linear aesthetics. We blend different cultures into design products representing Italian craftsmanship through our dialogue and cooperation with international designers. 

Real all-Italian production

Per noi, è la manifestazione For us, this is the tangible manifestation of the skills we have acquired throughout our history, and that we are still learning; it is the expression of our craftsman’s know-how combined with an effective organisation of our manufacturing.

Arrmet products reflect the idea of design that withstands the test of time. They are furnishing items that lie beyond the rationale of fashion and cater for elegant, inviting, contemporary aesthetic taste. They represent that unrivalled mix of know-how, imagination, creativity, luxury and versatility that the whole world identifies with Italian Style.


FSC ® helps take care of forests for future generations.

We have chosen to take a further step in the right direction, to give a new form of tangibility to that sustainability policy we have always conveyed through products that stand the test of time thanks to the quality of the materials and the force of good design.