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General Sales and Warranty Conditions


These general conditions of sale, along with any special conditions specified in the single confirmation of order, shall apply to
the buying and selling relationship between Arrmet s.r.l. (hereinafter Arrmet) and the purchaser (hereinafter Purchaser). They
constitute an integral and essential part of the contract. They are fully accepted by the Purchaser with the transmission of the
order confirmation.

Art. 2: ORDERS

Orders are always subject to acceptance by Arrmet.
Any order of special products not included in this price list must be the subject of a specific request. Arrmet reserves the right to evaluate their feasibility, without any obligation.
In the event a down payment is requested, the order shall be considered concluded upon receipt of the payment.
The ordered goods will be prepared for shipment by the date specified unless unforeseen difficulties arise.
Added quantities shall be considered new orders, with times calculated from receipt of the new order.
Any changes or cancellation of orders must be received within 48 hours of receiving the order confirmation.
Arrmet does not guarantee corrispondance between Colors displayed on the screen and reality. Therefore the Customer is required to verify the accuracy of the colors through a physical sample.


Unless otherwise specified in special conditions set out in the single confirmation of order, prices are gross of discounts, and exclude Vat, other taxes of any kind and the products installation (if requested).
The products packaging is included in the price. For orders less than € 250,00 net, a charge of € 20,00 (net of VAT) shall apply for fixed costs.

Arrmet reserves the right to change, without prior notice, the prices and products mentioned in the price list; these price and/or products changes will be immediately applicable. For their verification and knowledge, we invite you to consult the latest version of the pricelist downloadable from the given link.


The risks of loss and/or damage to goods are transferred from Arrmet to the Purchaser at the delivery of goods. If the Purchaser or the carrier acting on his behalf doesn’t take timely delivery of the goods, or if the Purchaser fails to give timely instructions for delivery, all risks and any additional charge that may weigh on the goods shall be charged to the Purchaser, provided that the goods have been identified as an object of the contract.
With reference to Incoterms in force, without the explicit written derogation resulting from the order confirmation or other document, the rendering of goods shall be “ex works loaded” (EXW loaded – Incoterms 2020). On request by the Purchaser, Arrmet reserves the right to make “delivered at place” (DAP – Incoterms 2020).
The number of pieces contained in the packaging, indicated next to each model in the price list, is peremptory. The Buyer therefore expressly agrees that orders, when made for an odd number of a product packaged in even numbers, are automatically adjusted to the even number or multiple immediately higher.
Delivery times indicated in the confirmation orders are indicative, any delays can not give rise to claims for damages or cancellations of orders.


The payment of the price will be made by the Buyer without charging costs, in accordance with the conditions listed in the order confirmation.
Since Arrmet provides for the insurance of its commercial credits against the risk of insolvency, the insurance conditions allow no delay in payment with respect to what is agreed and stated in the order confirmation to be granted to the Purchaser.
Penalty interest will be charged in the case of delayed payments according to art. 5 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001. According to the same Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 penalty interest is calculated and charged punctually, i.e. for minor amounts in one payment at the end of each business period.
Arrmet has the right to suspend the goods delivery, in any event of default, even partial, by the Purchaser with respect to the agreed payment terms.
Arrmet also reserves the right to change, at any time, at its sole and unquestionable discretion, the payment terms previously agreed and applying them to new orders.


Any damage resulting from transportation or discrepancies as regards to the transport document, should be reported at the moment of the unloading via annotations on the document itself.
Failing that, Arrmet will not replace delivered goods damaged because of the transport or discordant from the document.
For withdrawals made directly from our warehouse, no additional discount is due.


The guarantee applied to products is limited to the sending of a complete product or components or defective parts only, only for production defects directly attributable to Arrmet as seller.
Any complaint referring to technical specifications must be reported to Arrmet by a written notice, attaching appropriate documentation, including photographs, not later than 24 + 2 months, starting from the invoice date, according to Italian regulation “Codice del Consumo” (D.lgs. 206/2005).
The warranty does not apply to defects caused by incorrect product installation, by use which is improper use or diverse from the normal intended use of the product, by non-observance of the instructions for use and maintenance of the product, by its ordinary consumption.
No responsibility may be attributed to Arrmet regarding the quality, the strength or the durability of the materials provided by the Purchaser/user and used for the products creation, nor for their aesthetic result.
In case that Purchaser/user selects fabrics like simil-leather and/or white or clear fabrics (e.g. beige), Arrmet will not be responsible for any stains and spots of colour “transmitted” from clothing to these above mentioned fabrics (e.g. jeans).
Any non-conformity must be notified by no later than 8 days of receipt of the goods and in any event before the products are used.
Any damage resulting from transportation must be annoted on the delivery document with Reserve.


No merchandise may be returned without prior written request and prior written consent by Arrmet.
The condition of the goods will be carefully checked by Arrmet at their return and, in case of damage not attributable to Arrmet, the value of the individual pieces will be not recognized.
At the return of the goods, a credit NOTE will be issued, that, in any case, it will be based on the prices in the invoice concerned, whose date, number etc. must be cited in the transport document of the returned goods.
Materials sent for “free evaluation” that return damaged will be charged to the customer at list price.


The delivered goods remain the property of Arrmet until full payment of their price by the Purchaser.


All our models are covered by international patent. It’s forbidden to use any images of our models without our written authorization.


Personal Data are collected and processed in compliance with GDPR UE 2016/679. Details about owner and data controller, types of data collected, mode and place of processing, the purposes, the rights of users and additional information are available from the updated “Privacy Policy” page of the website.


Any dispute regarding the interpretation and execution of the transaction regulated by these terms of sale may only, without exception, be settled before the Court of Udine.