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Salone del Mobile 2022: highlights


design by LucidiPevere

When design becomes magnetic.

Fondina, designed by LucidiPevere, is the Arrmet first all-wood chair. A chair with great potential both for communal and domestic spaces featuring a ‘classic’ shape that conceals an innovative element, all the intelligence of a unique chair.

Fondina represents evolution from the classic bistrot chair to innovative seating, and challenges traditional shape through the intelligence of detail. This chair, which offers amazing comfort, was created starting with a magnet. Fondina features a magnet concealed in the wooden seat, identified by a graphic mark to which a soft cushion with removable cover can be attached.

Fondina’s stylistic hallmark is the search for pure shape, something that lasts over time, bordering on déjà vu. The distinctive element of the chair is the perfectly carved seat, hence the name Fondina, and it can be fully appreciated only by lifting the cushion.


Designed by ArrmetLab

Simplicity is the art of removing all the superfluous and getting to the heart of things.

This is how Belle was created, from an idea combined with a shape, from skill combined with know-how. It is a basic chair, highly appreciated on the contract market. What makes it special are a painstaking study of proportion and ergonomics, which make it an important, highly functional piece, and the extremely skilled craftsmanship that goes into the upholstery, which is the detail that makes all the difference.

The collection is expressed through the geometry of curved lines, which form rounded, ergonomic shapes, offering relaxing seating and visual harmony.

Belle is an archetype: it shows you can always exercise curiosity even when it seems there is nothing more to invent.


Designed by Tomoya Tabuchi

Elegance is when something corresponds to its concept.

This simplification and conceptualisation work led to the creation of a chair with clear, clean-cut lines, which combines the smallest possible number of elements in perfect balance. It is the result of design that seeks to express its value through time, that is extremely versatile in the home and contract settings and useful in many situations and environments.

Kiyumi is the culmination of obsessive research into the details necessary to achieve perfection in a chair, yet it easily becomes a part of people’s daily lives and accompanies them maintaining its significance intact in different situations.

Strike Relax

Designed by ArrmetLab

Simple, yet sophisticated.

The elements in theStrike collection have the gentle charm of classic style narrated through contemporary language. The external tubular steel frame combines with impeccably upholstered padding to give these chairs a strong, unmistakable personality.

The latest element to be added to the collection is the bergère with ottoman. Its name is Strike Relax and it can be purchased individually. Chairs, stools, armchairs and sofa have limited proportions while the metal finishes and covers can be mixed and matched to create new, original combinations. All the pieces in the collection can be upholstered in fabric, leather and faux leathers either featured in the catalogue or supplied by the customer.


Designed by Sylvain Willenz

The perfect simplicity of the design requires perfect execution.

Cèpe is a mobile element that can be moved around as needed and pops up where an extra seat or informal surface is needed, a highly imaginative object. This pouf was created from the essence of a ‘vision’ and has turned into an object with a simple shape whose materials and impeccable manufacture are key to faithfully conveying the original idea.

Fun, elegance and timelessness, thus is the nature of Cèpe, which features a graphic silhouette representing the shape of a mushroom.


Designed by Note Design Studio

Armonious and timeless.

Macka has a clear design. It features a strong concept and shape, which extend to the entire collection of products designed for the various rooms we live in.

Craft manufacturing and product industrialization merge in Macka forming a synergistic relationship, resulting in a chair that is bound to last. The high quality workmanship, materials and comfort combined with effective style create a product with value, to be kept, loved and passed down from one generation to another.

Máni Armshell

Design by Welling Ludvik

“The best possible verson of this type of chair.”

Máni Armshell is design with the superfluous removed to enhance only the details that serve a purpose. This polypropylene shell with seat creates a chair that welcomes and wraps around the body in a single embrace. The colour palette selection allows this chair to be included in any type of project. The seat comes in a slightly deeper shade than the rest of the shell, which forms the backrest, to highlight the uniqueness of the product.

The variety of the bases available for the chair and stool – wooden or metal legs, sled base, swivel trestle, casters – matches with the Plastic version with polypropylene shell and wooden, upholstered or polypropylene seat. Máni Armshell is also available in a completely upholstered version.