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Eau Rouge: Elevate your outdoor style.

Lightness, elegance and tradition.

Eau Rouge is a collection of outdoor seating conceived and designed to inhabit outdoor spaces, interpreting them to become both personal and shared dimensions . Eau Rouge embodies the design expertise of the Milanese duo Meneghello Paolelli and highlights Arrmet’s extensive experience and commitment to metal seating.

Smart, Dynamic, Essential

Dynamism is achieved through the unique intersection of the three tubular elements composing the seat. This inspired the idea to name the collection ‘Eau Rouge,’ reminiscent of the famous chicane at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit. The interplay of curves in the chicane is echoed in the connection between the backrest and rear legs, creating distinctive lines with an essential trait.

Balancing between solid and void

Few welds shape a stable and durable structure. Comfort is ensured by the new weave in 4 mm round nautical rope, forming small rhombuses for a deliberately lightweight and elegant decoration. The harmony and balance achieved between solid and void represent the peculiarity of this chair.

Arrmet’s New Metallic Palette

Eau Rouge is already available in the colours of the brand-new ‘24 palette, embodying the elegance and freshness of natural landscapes. The new finishes allow for creating many monochromatic compositions, as well as experimenting with various contrasts, always maintaining an elegant and naturally relaxing appeal.

Eau Rouge’s nautical ropes are customized mélange colors created from 100% recyclable polyester yarns . The seats of the Eau Rouge collection are composed of two materials, steel and polyester, which can be destined for recycling at the end of their life cycle after disassembly.

The colours

Sage green, with its calming and refreshing hue, evokes the serenity of Mediterranean gardens. It seamlessly blends with outdoor environments, creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquility..

Peacok blue, deep and enveloping, transports us on a journey of timeless elegance. Its presence in the Eau Rouge collection adds a touch of refinement and mystery, perfect for creating vibrant contrasts or sophisticated harmonies.

Écru, natural and delicate, lends the product simplicity and refinement. It’s a versatile color that adapts to various environments and styles, imbuing outdoor spaces with a sense of brightness and lightness.

Finally, the brand-new natural coral color adds a particular vivacity. Inspired by the beauty of marine corals, this color introduces a note of warmth and joy, perfect for brightening and revitalizing any outdoor setting.

If you are curious to learn more, reach out to your dedicated sales representative or write us. We will be happy to inform you on availability, pricing and how you can be the first to rock these fresh new Eau Rouges.

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